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All contractors double and triple check your bids!!

With the recent surge along the the gulf coast, U.S. Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Puerto Rico, all contractors should make sure you add the following statement to your construction contracts, “Contractor reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time prior to commencement of any work”. Why do the contractors using our small contractor estimating software recommend this?

This will protect all contractors from rising costs of construction materials. It is still unknown as to how much the cost of building materials will increase because the hurricane damage reports are still coming in. The amount of the increase depends on the demand and we are likely to see a large increase in demand for basic materials like wood, etc.

In addition, I would also highly advise that all contractors “DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECK” the cost of materials within 48 hours of submitting your bids and make sure you always have an expiration date for acceptance of your bid.

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