“How does a Contractor market their services?”

I get asked from time to time by contractors as to how they can obtain
more business. Although there are numerous ways to go about marketing your contractor services, I’ll explain what’s worked for me in the past.

As most of you are already aware, the Real Estate Sales Agent is generally the point person in introducing a potential home buyer. Having said this, it then only makes sense to market directly to the Real Estate Community. If you agree with this, we have to look at what marketing vehicle will get the biggest bang for the buck?

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Working with Projects our Property Rehab Software

Easy Contractor Professional allows HUD consultants to create and manage contruction/repair projects. The process starts with the creation of a list of repairs and fees, or work write-up , which is presented to the homeowner and lender(if loan involved) as the Specification of Repairs report.

Repairs can be added to the project room by room, or repair category by repair category.

Once permission to start homeowner/lender has been granted, no more changes are allowed to the project, and the contractor manages the release of the funds until the project is completed.
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Contractor Estimating Software Work Write-Up Example

Scope of Work 
When creating a construction/rehab project the contractor will need to submit a work write-up which lists in detail all of the labor and materials for completing the project. This work write-up is typically referred to as the Scope of Work 

Easy Contractor Professional www.easycontractorpro.com allows users the ability to create a Scope of Work or Work Write-Up for their projects. Once the repairs and allowable fees are entered into the project, the Scope of Work can be easily generated. If changes are required, simply generate a new one.
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Tips on Finding Construction Management Software

First, ensure that the software can allow you to work on your project at any time, regardless of the time or computer being used. This feature will enable you be able to manage your contracts and give estimates even when on the building site.

Software that is updated should suit changing economic times and individual needs. This will ensure that the estimates you give to clients are correct and clients will not need to add more money because of a miscalculation. Also, it will ensure that when you make any changes to values, relevant updates are thereafter, made automatically. In any business, deadlines are very important, getting software that is continuously updated ensure that you do not incur delays at all times.
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Gaining the Competitive Edge

A Popular Program

We got involved in the construction-rehab market originally at the request of our banker. As a successful home builder and remodeling firm, they asked us to partner with a neighborhood group focused on rehabilitating a section of a long-ignored neighborhood. Finding this a worthwhile and profitable endeavor, we have subsequently undertaken several other projects and intend to do a number of others.
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Online Construction Estimating Software Will Help You Work Smart

What We Offer

Easy Contractor Professional is not a downloadable software that will take up critical space on your computer. Rather our service is an entirely internet-based management tool that can be accessed from any computer or device with an internet connection. Easy 2Contractor Professional can help you with many construction/rehab project related tasks.

-Create repair and restoration check lists
-Store values for upcoming projects
-Print forms needed by lenders, contractors and buyers
-Generate reports at the jobsite
-Hassle-free updates
-Nightly backups of all your data
-Great support
These are just a few of the features that this service has to offer.
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