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We got involved in the construction-rehab market originally at the request of our banker. As a successful home builder and remodeling firm, they asked us to partner with a neighborhood group focused on rehabilitating a section of a long-ignored neighborhood. Finding this a worthwhile and profitable endeavor, we have subsequently undertaken several other projects and intend to do a number of others.

While on-site work progressed we realized that these projects also requires considerable paperwork and coordination. In fact, our team has found the actual repairs and rehab work are the easy part of each project compared to dealing with the:

Costs management
Loan documentation
Multiple forms required

To successfully expand our efforts in this area requires us to look to ways to make the paperwork and documentation easier to manage. As other contractors enter the market, we know we have to enhance our competitiveness in handling the mechanics of the process. We are comfortable in our ability to do the rehab work well, but we needed help with the other details.

Getting the Job Done Efficiently

We found our answer in a piece of new software offered as a Software as a Service, or SaaS product. This means using software delivered online and not actually downloaded to our computers and mobile devices. This capability gives us the ability to use the software out in the field and not be tied down to our offices. It also eliminates worries about updates and security.

The actual product we now use is Easy Contractor Professional. This is an advanced software product dealing with all aspects of the construction project management process. We simply access the website and it allows us to:

Manage each  project individually
Print any forms and reports we need
Track our costs and schedules
Handle all of our loan applications and documentation

The ability to quickly assess our status on any project by computer, tablet or smartphone makes us much more responsive and provides the competitive edge we wanted. This frees us to do what we do best, provide excellent rehab services.



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