Working with Projects our Property Rehab Software

Easy Contractor Professional allows HUD consultants to create and manage contruction/repair projects. The process starts with the creation of a list of repairs and fees, or work write-up , which is presented to the homeowner and lender(if loan involved) as the Specification of Repairs report.

Repairs can be added to the project room by room, or repair category by repair category.

Once permission to start homeowner/lender has been granted, no more changes are allowed to the project, and the contractor manages the release of the funds until the project is completed.
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Contractor Estimating Software Work Write-Up Example

Scope of Work 
When creating a construction/rehab project the contractor will need to submit a work write-up which lists in detail all of the labor and materials for completing the project. This work write-up is typically referred to as the Scope of Work 

Easy Contractor Professional allows users the ability to create a Scope of Work or Work Write-Up for their projects. Once the repairs and allowable fees are entered into the project, the Scope of Work can be easily generated. If changes are required, simply generate a new one.
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